Despite an affair that nearly crippled their marriage. Sharon Osbourne agreed to renew her vows to husband Ozzy in an intimate secret ceremony.


Sharon Osbourne has been married to Ozzy for 35 years.

Throughout this time they have both been put to the test and the stability of their marriage has been, at times, very uncertain.

The couple have now revealed that despite the affair which nearly broke their marriage, they are extremely happy to have renewed their vows.

The ceremony took place at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas and was a complete secret – even to their three children; Amiee, Jack and Kelly.

In an interview with Hello! Ozzy said: “This is a new beginning. I think that everyone should reaffirm their marriage. I walked out of the ceremony feeling completely refreshed: I know my wife loves me and she knows how much I love her.”

He added: “I’m excited for whatever our future holds.”

Sharon said the ceremony was intentionally intimate. “It was just for us. I didn’t want lots of people there making it into a big old party.”

sharon osbourne and ozzy osbourne

Credit: Hello! Magazine

The ceremony was apparently Ozzy’s idea who was battling to try and regain Sharon’s trust. Sharon spoke about dealing with his affair and said: “I felt like a fool. It was as though everyone else had known about it and that everybody was laughing at me. I felt very humiliated and belittled.”

However, Sharon truly felt their marriage was worth fighting for. She told Hello!: “Ozzy and I are interwoven”.

Although it is wonderful that the couple have found happiness and forgiveness, some people just do not know how Sharon has done it.

Writing in her weekly column for the MirrorLoose Women panelist Coleen Nolan said: “She’s a strong woman that I admire, but it looks like me and Sharon Osbourne have a very ­different way of dealing with marriage problems.”

Coleen adds: “By renewing her wedding vows to Ozzy , I’m sure she feels she’s doing what’s right for her. But I’d have kicked him out long ago.”