He will have to get Emily something pretty special if he wants to make it up to her...


When you picture your perfect man, Peter Andre might be a pretty close contender. Not only is he a doting dad and husband, but he’s also pretty easy on the eye…(obviously the first two are most important).

But it seems he is still only human – and that means he is also a little forgetful. Writing in his column for New! magazine, Peter made a very embarrassing confession. He forgot not just once but TWICE to give Emily a present for Valentine’s Day and then their wedding anniversary.

Peter explained: “Technically, my wife is due another eternity ring for giving birth to Theo. I bought her one after she gave birth to Mils. Why I’m saying this, I have no idea, but there’s only one eternity – so how many rings should you get for that?”

Out for our belated anniversary dinner 🙂

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Let us know your stories…

Has your partner ever forgotten to give you a present or have you forgotten to buy them one? How would you expect them to make it up to you? We would love to hear your experiences in the comments section below or over on our Facebook page!

The father-of-four does have something up his sleeve though. He continued: “I actually have a beautiful present that I haven’t given her yet. It was initially for Valentine’s Day, then I thought I’d give it to her for our wedding anniversary. But then I forgot! Her birthday is on August 16, so I’m planning on giving it to her then. I hope I don’t forget again!”

We hope he doesn’t forget again because we would love to know what this special gift is! Will it be the eternity ring he originally promised? Or, something different? We will keep our eyes peeled on their social media accounts for potential hints…