Taking to Instagram to post a couple of pictures of Dylan, whom Kerry often refers to as DJ, after an impromptu DIY haircut, Kerry wrote: ‘My dj who thought it would be a good idea to cut her own hair!!!! But she still looks beautiful.’
And though most of her followers were quick to agree that the little girl pulls off a pixie cut as well as her mum does, there were a few followers who felt that the behaviour could have put DJ’s safety at risk.
One person said: ‘Always keep scissors away from kids could of been a lot worse’, whilst another warned: ‘Just as well she didn’t cut her skin otherwise it could’ve been a hospital trip!’

In response to the negative comments, Kerry decided to re-post the pic of DJ a few hours later, with a revised and poignant caption.

‘No body was hurt during dj hairdressing disaster!!! So slagging me off by saying “what if” don’t you all think I know this!!’ she responded.

‘But rather think about what could of happened which nothing harmful did happen apart from a typical Toddle playing hairdresser gone wrong!! Dj isn’t the first toddler in the world to of done this and nor will be the last!!’

And it seems most of Kerry’s 60,000 followers were inclined to agree, with many sharing their own anecdotes of their children, siblings or even themselves having similar hair-related mishaps.

In the hairdressers getting macs hair cut cxxx

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‘most toddlers do/have done this omg some people want to get a grip and stop being keyboard warriors ..I did this as a kid and filled all my picnic tea cups with my hair ..just ignore the ignorant haters Hun xx,’ said one.

A second agreed: ‘Oh Kerry I have the best pic ever of when my little girl did exactly the same thing … ignore all the worlds most “perfect parents” it can happen and does happen … always the best pics to put in the paper for when they are 18.’

A third added: ‘What people don’t realise is, you and anyone else as a parent don’t have eyes in the back of your head and can’t be watching 24/7 … I think most of us have had our children do something that could have ended up in disaster but hasn’t…. must be great to be perfect like those that slag off! Just be you @kerrykatona7 we love you for your normality x’.

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