Emily gives a rare glimpse into family life and reveals exactly what Peter said when she suggested a fifth child... Can you guess Peter's response?


The father-of-four has always spoken about how much he loves his family but is he keen to expand it even further? Peter Andre and Emily Macdonagh married in 2015 and have two children together, Amelia, three, and six-month-old Theo. But when Emily suggested a fifth child to Peter the stars response was surprising…

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“He didn’t say a word” Emily revealed in her weekly column for Ok! Magazine. The doctor already has a busy household as she juggles being a mum-of-two with being step-mum to Pete’s children with Katie Price, Junior and Princess.

So, it seems the couple are not quite ready for any new additions to their brood just yet.

In her weekly column Emily recalled the moment they were filming a travel segment for This Morning in Greece. She said, “There was one scene where I picked up a little pink dress and jokingly told Pete we should have another baby girl so we can dress her up in cute outfits. He didn’t say a word!”

This was also the trip where Emily wore a pair of pink culottes. It is super easy to steal her style and it costs under £30!

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However, it appears that Emily is OK with Pete not being ready to add to their brood just yet.

Emily confessed, “I’m not ready for another baby yet – I need to get my teeth back into work and enjoy the two children I have – but I’d never say never. The thing is, I’ve reached the stage with Theo where it’s all becoming so much easier. Now when I see a newborn baby I think they’re gorgeous but I don’t actually want one any time soon!”

Peter recently did an interview with Ok! Magazine and said that he was content with the size of his family. He said: “I don’t really want any more children.”

With Emily keen to get back to work too, it makes sense for the young family not to add any new additions too soon. Plus, there’s big changes in store for the family with Pete’s working sending him abroad. Peter did admit that in a couple of years he might change his mind, but for now more children are off the cards.

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This comes as his former wife, Katie Price, recently revealed that she had the names lined up for her sixth, seventh and eight child! The former glamour model already has five children, two of which are with Peter, but she is certain more will come in the future.

Emily also spoke about their family holiday to Cyprus where Peter’s parents met baby Theo for the first time. She said, “Last week we had a lovely holiday at our home in Cyprus and the weather was gorgeous. Pete’s parents had flown over from Australia and were absolutely thrilled to meet Theo for the first time. Pete’s Mum, Thea, couldn’t stop cuddling him. It was really sweet. They loved seeing Millie too – I don’t think they’ve seen her since our wedding and she has changed so much since then.”