TV presenter and single mum Myleene Klass dropped in for an exclusive chat with us at Woman’s Own to discuss all things parenting…

Have you ever ended up doing the school run in your pyjamas?
Well I’ve gone out the door in my pyjamas on a red carpet! They didn’t look as see through when I stood in my house! With fifty flashbulbs and walking up a set of stairs! I’m never going to forget going out my house in my pyjamas! But you know what, they were nice lace pyjamas. I haven’t done it on the school run, I’ve always been dressed on the school run.

Tell us about your new Actimel campaign to help mums stay positive in the mornings.. 
Every mum knows what the morning rush is like. And you can almost skirt over it because it is such a part of life but at the same time, it’s almost like going ‘hey high five, we did it!’ I’ve often gone out of the door with banana squished in somewhere, barely having brushed my hair. I think it’s just something that mums, we have an affiliation with each other, a real empathy with each other with that. And I think the message is ‘yes, hang in there, you’re doing a fantastic job. You’re not alone and you’re amazing!’ You can be as organized as you like and it may be the things that you didn’t see coming like ‘I can’t get my tights on!’

You’re a busy working mum, how do you manage to juggle everything?
The same way that everybody else does I think, with a hope and a prayer! You just try the best you can, that’s all you can do whilst my life is very well documented, and I live a lot of it in the public eye, I still have the same pressures, the same worries and I think it just comes down to just saying we’re all in it together.

What’s your favourite thing to do with the girls?
It’s not even the big things, it doesn’t have to be some huge gesture, just being, just doing whatever it is they like to do at the time. The wonderful thing about children is  that they just live in the immediate, they just live in the now – if they’re hungry they want to be fed, if they’re bored, they want to be entertained. The job of a mum is multi-faceted. Under the job of mum you’ve got to fit in entertainer, and chef and driver, it’s so many things within it. It’s like the most powerful word in the world.


Myleene has teamed up with Actimel’s Stay Strong Brothers to perform a song to help mums stay positive during busy mornings.