It was a difficult episode of Loose Women for Coleen Nolan on Monday.

The chat show regular revealed that her sister, Linda, who has been diagnosed with incurable breast cancer, had been targeted by a con woman and fallen victim to a sick hoax.

The con woman posed as a victim of the Manchester terrorist attack, which took place at the Manchester Arena on 22 May. She duped Linda into sending flowers and chocolate to the ‘victim’.

Coleen explained: “Two sisters – one of them got in touch with Linda. Linda got in touch and this girl is 21 and it was all very sad. For Linda there was a reality check – whatever – as she is going through her second cancer battle.”

She continued: “Linda befriended her – spoke every day – sent flowers and chocolates to the hospital. It was all very emotional and done in good faith… She had shared her whole life with her on the phone. And just last week recently Linda had agreed to visit Emily. She said, ‘It’s not looking good’ and Linda agreed to go and see her.”

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“Then she got a phone call to say Emily had passed away. Linda cried all night.”

Coleen revealed that it soon became apparent that the whole thing was a hoax. When Linda tried to get back in touch social media accounts had been taken down and phone numbers turned out to be fake.

Linda was understandably devastated by the whole ordeal and Coleen was also angered by the situation as she is incredibly close with her sister.

She said: “You know what upset me the most. It was off the back of the Manchester bombings. It was the true victims of that…”

Speaking to the Mirror Linda said: “This is a vile human being. How sick can a person get? I think she’s sick in the head – not only to jump on the bandwagon of the Manchester bombings when there are so many real victims, but to pick on somebody who has recently been re-diagnosed with cancer.”