If there’s one thing former model ‘Jordan’ is famous for, it’s her relentless and unstoppable plastic surgery. The former glamour model rose to fame with her plumped up looks and resized boobs. And, despite undergoing various breast reductions over the last few years, the mum-of-five is still partial to going under the knife for various other feature enhancing procedures.

But it seems not everyone is happy about her remodelled body – least of all, her kids.

Katie Price’s surgery seems to have confused one of the oldest of the lot, Junior, 12. On Tuesday’s episode of Loose Women, talk turned to Katie’s many surgical procedures after she debuted the results of a recent face lift.

The Loose Women ladies questioned why Katie didn’t instead embrace her natural beauty, with Nadia asking, “Why do you do it?”

“All I ever think is how pretty you are. I don’t get it.”

In response, Katie revealed that Nadia’s actually not alone, and that even Junior was left confused by how much surgery she’s had. She said, “Junior said to me the other day, ‘Mum you were so beautiful, why did you have to have it done?’

“I went, ‘well I haven’t had that much Junior’, and he went, ‘Mum, your eyebrows are fake, you’ve got fake eyelashes on, you’ve had your lips done, your nose done and your teeth. And now you’ve put these things in your face. Why?'”

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And the TV personality even admitted that she, “didn’t have a comeback because he’s actually right”.

A warning…

The criticism from her own son comes amid news that the former glamour model is actually planning her ninth boob job. On Katie Price: My Crazy Life, the wannabe singer even said she’s keen to get it done before her 40th birthday next May.

But Katie has been warned that any more surgery could be more harm than good. The Loose Women co-host is said to be planning for a boob reduction. But leading cosmetic surgeon, Dr Munir Somji, has warned that even this could be harmful.

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Speaking to New magazine, the plastic surgeon said, “Katie has been talking very openly about getting a breast reduction. She thinks her current chest size is too big and makes her look fat. The next stage will be going smaller. She wants to be more demure.”

But Dr. Somji revealed that even a reduction could be risk for Katie, who has had multiple operations over the years.

He said, “She has previously suffered and is still suffering from thickened scar tissue, which has resulted in a lack of symmetry. Not to mention the nipple interventions that will have left her with lack of sensitivity in that area.”

The surgeon even revealed that the more she has, the riskier it becomes. He said, “It is dangerous for her to go under the knife as each operation has more risk.”

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