Katie Price, Keiran Hayler have a famously fraught relationship...

Katie Price and hubby Kieran Hayler are known for their tumultuous relationship. But have things finally reached breaking point?

The couple have faced their fair share of hurdles in their five years together, but things appeared to be on the up in a recent episode of Katie: My Crazy Life. The show saw Katie and Kieran renew their wedding vows.

But, according to sources talking to Closer magazine, things between the fiery pair are worse than ever. Apparently, the former glamour model is now even threatening to move out of the families West Sussex home.

Reportedly, relations between Katie and Kieran have becomes so fractured that the tension in the house has become unbearable.

A source said, “Katie and Kieran haven’t spent much time together since the show aired. There’s a lot of tension between them and it’s now so bad, she’s told Kieran she’s moving out of the main house to give them both some space.

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Apparently, the mum-of-five has even begun plans to build a separate house in order for some time away from Kieran.

The source continued, “She’s started to work on plans to build an outhouse and has said she’ll use it whenever she needs time apart from Kieran.”

Of course, the pair currently live with all five of their children, Harvey, Junior, Princess, Jett and Bunny. While Junior and Princess often spend time at Dad Peter’s house, does this revelation mean that Katie’s abandoned her brood, too?

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The news comes after Katie put on an overly flirty display with Love Island star Chris Hughes on yesterday’s episode of Loose Women.

She’s recently admitted her desire to make the charming 22-year-old her next husband. And the pair cosied up together on the show, leaving fellow co-presenter Coleen to remind Katie “You’re married you know!”

Kieran also appeared via video message to warn Katie from doing anything untoward on the programme. He said, “Hi babes, so Chris is the guest on the show today. I hope you’re keeping those hands to yourself.

“I’m sat here at home keeping me eyes on you.”

katie price kieran hayler love drama chris hughes

“Chris you seem like a great guy. And apparently people think we’re sort of similar so we must both be very good looking.”

But Katie couldn’t quite resist admitting her attraction to Chris, revealing “If I wasn’t married, you would be my type on paper,”

She even confessed that her wandering eye was causing her confusion on an episode of the daytime show last month. Chatting about her interest in Chris, she admitted, “I don’t know what’s the matter with me. I really don’t.

“I am in love with Kieran and he’s perfect. But I’m just looking at everything at the minute.

“I don’t want to leave Kieran, as I love him. But I’m looking at everything – I don’t know if it’s because I want attention. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.”