First, the grandparents of Shannon Matthews branded new BBC TV ‘The Moorside’ based on the fake kidnapping “sick and disgusting”.

Now, mum-of-seven Karen Matthews has revealed that she has been bombarded with death threats since the series aired. According to reports, the onslaught of criticism has been so bad the convicted fraudster is contemplating moving abroad.

Thanks to ‘The Moorside’, Matthews has been thrown back into the limelight. The show, starring Sheridan Smith as Karen’s Matthew’s neighbour, Julie Bushby, was met with high praise after millions tuned in to watch the two part drama.

Sheridan Smith stars as Karen’s Matthew’s neighbour, Julie Bushby in ‘The Moorside’

However, Matthews, 40, has said she is petrified and fears for her life after a backlash from the public following the drama.

The mum still insists she is innocent involving the kidnap plot of her nine-year-old daughter Shannon. She now lives under a new identity in the south of England.

Matthews spent two years in prison because of the kidnap plot, which is believed to have been instigated as a way to get access to the £50,000 reward money.

Shannon is now 18 and living with a new family.

Karen confessed to a friend, “I cannot go out of the door. I’m frightened out of my life. I’m shaking like a leaf.” Also adding, “I’m s*** scared to even get any ­shopping or anything.”

“I know I can’t stop it but why does it have to be dragged up again? Why don’t they just leave me alone and let me get on with my life?”

“I’m worried I’ll have my windows smashed right now. I’m too scared to go anywhere. I feel isolated. If I could go back I would ask the police to ­reinvestigate everything… the truth’s going to come out.” 

Shannon Matthew’s Mother Karen Matthews Arrives At Wakefield Police Station In Hand Cuffs in 2008

However, after the final, dramatic episode, some viewers even claimed to have conflicted feelings towards Karen Matthews. Whilst the first part of the drama incited death threats for the fraudster, the final episode shockingly left viewers starting to feel sorry for the mum.

“It made me feel sorry for the mum, how the hell did that happen?” one astonished viewer wrote.

While many put it down to a strong cast of incredibly talented actors like Sheridan Smith, others put blame on the BBC for trying too hard to drum up sympathy for Matthews during the drama.

“It almost seems in some bizarre way that they were trying to make the public feel sorry for Karen Matthews,” tweeted another viewer. “Never gonna happen!”

Mother of Karen and grandmother to Shannon, June Matthews also weighed in on the show. “Shannon deserves to live her life in peace. She deserves to be left alone” the grandmother said.

“What happened to her was a trauma, a tragedy.”

Finally, June added, “It is sick and disgusting that it is being turned into a TV show.”

After watching the BBC drama, fans of the show took to social media to voice their opinions. One said: “Absolutely disgusting that Karen Matthews has been given a new identity.”

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