Katie Price is keen to have a better relationship with Peter Andre's wife Emily Macdonagh. You won't believe the gesture she wants to do...


Katie Price has said that she wants to make everything a little less awkward between her and Peter Andre’s wife, Emily MacDonagh.

The two have famously never seen eye-to-eye, but now the mother-of-five is determined to build a friendship. Katie’s solution? Give Emily a make-over…

According to reports Katie, 39, wants to help mother-of-two Emily be more adventurous with her wardrobe. Sources told Now magazine: “Kate wants to bond with Emily over fashion. She think Emily’s look is too ‘safe’ and wants to help her spice things up a little.”

The source added: “Kate feels she and Emily should be close, they’re the mothers of Pete’s children after all and, in her mind, it makes perfect sense. Kate’s determined to build bridges – and this time for good.”

The two women clearly have very different fashion tastes. Emily MacDonagh’s style is a little more understated whereas Katie is not afraid of making a statement.

katie price

Katie was married to Peter for four years but the couple separated in 2009. The couple have two children together, Junior, 11 and Princess, nine. However Peter has also been open about his close relationship with Katie’s eldest son Harvey, 15, whose father is Dwight Yorke.

Peter went on to marry Emily, a junior doctor and the couple have two children together Amelia, three and six-month-old Theodore.

emily and peter

Former glamour model, Katie, has also moved on. She has a two year relationship with Alex Reid before settling down with Kieron Hayler. Katie’s third husband is father to their two children Jet, three and bunny, two.

What will Emily and Pete make of Katie’s suggestion? A trip to the spa or a casual brunch might have been a safer bet for building bridges…