Rita Simons

EastEnders star Rita Simons has given up alcohol, after her party-going lifestyle caught up with her. 

The actress, who plays Roxy Mitchell, admitted that she couldn’t cope with the horrendous hangovers that came after a night on the town.

‘I haven’t drunk to excess for a year and seven months because I hate it – hangovers and wasting four days of my life trying to get over it,’ she said. ‘I don’t like who I am when I’m drunk and I don’t like being out of control.’

She recalled one particular time that she got in from a party at 7am, and her husband Theo presented their seven year-old twins Maiya and Jaimee to her, saying: ‘there you go.’  Rita said, ‘I looked at the kids and thought, “I’d much rather have stayed in with you than dealing with this hangover”.’

But her turning point came one night when she saw her friend passed out in the back of a taxi after one too many vinos.

I thought, ‘I hate what you look like right now’, Rita, 36, recalled. ‘It was like being able to take a step out of myself and see what I must look like. Since then, I’ve got really into meditation, yoga, and I’m a much calmer person. I feel so much ­healthier because I haven’t got a four-day hangover to get rid of.’