We can't believe it's almost time to say goodbye to the cast and characters of Downton Abbey...


We can’t wait for Downton Abbey and its loveable characters to return to our screens this autumn, but luckily Joanne Froggatt – who plays ladies maid Anna Bates on the show – has been letting slip a few secrets about what to expect on the final season!


Talking about the sixth and final season of Downton Abbey, the award winning actress gushed, “Oh it’s going to be emotional. I’m excited to finish but really sad, so it’s really strange”.

The cast have been working hard to make the final season of Downton Abbey the best one yet, and we already know that there is going to be a funeral and at least one wedding on the show this autumn. Joanne admitted that it has been fairly exhausting so she has, “a little snooze at lunchtime – my little power nap” to keep going!


When asked about what can be expected for the Crawley household and their staff building up to the final ever episode, which we’ll get to see on Christmas Day this year, Joanne said, “there is always a lot of drama, but there is some happiness as well”.

Anna (Joanne’s character) and her husband Mr Bates had a tough time in the last series of Downton Abbey. Anna was wrongly accused of killing the villainous Mr Green (who had attacked her previously) and was imprisoned. Mr Bates confessed to the killing to free Anna, but then had to escape to Ireland to avoid being put on trial and harsh punishment. Then in the Christmas Day special, we’re certain there wasn’t a dry eye in living rooms all over the UK when Mr Bates returned to surprise Anna at Downton Abbey’s Christmas party!


But all is not resolved yet for long suffering servant Anna and poor Mr Bates and Joanne revealed that seeing what will happen to the convicted characters, “will be interesting”. Despite Baxter and Molesley finding a witness to prove Bates’ innocence, he is still wanted for murder – and this is where we pick up at the beginning of the new series.

It sounds like Mr Bates won’t be going down without a fight and Joanne revealed, “Mr Bates is a little dark of character so we never quite know what he is capable of.”

So will it all end happily for one of our favourite couples on the show? “It does get resolved” Joanne let slip, but, “I can’t tell you how”!

I guess we’ll just have to wait for the sixth and final season of Downton Abbey to hit our screens in September to find out!

Joanne Froggatt isn’t the only star from ‘downstairs’ to be spilling show secrets though! Jim Carter, 67, who plays loveable butler ‘Carson’ in the series has also confessed that the final episode will probably have fans weeping!


He told the Daily Mirror, “these characters, we say goodbye to them, but it is not final. We see them setting off on different paths. It is really satisfying and you will need two hankies on Christmas night.”


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