We couldn’t believe it when the creators of Downton Abbey announced that the next series of the show to air on our screens this year will be the show’s last.

After six dramatic seasons the period drama was set to end, leaving fans distraught and us wondering how we would fill our Sunday evenings without Lord and Lady Grantham.


But all is not lost! First the show’s executive producer Gareth Neame confirmed that there was a potential Downton Abbey movie in the works, and now there’s talk of a musical!

The show’s creator Julian Fellowes has always said in interviews that he would consider a Downton Abbey film, but not until the TV series has finished. However, this hasn’t stopped the team behind the show from planning other ways to keep the story alive after the final episode.

John Lunn, who is the composer for the show, has announced that plans have been drawn up for an all singing, all dancing, Downton Abbey Musical that will feature the cast and even Julian Fellows as host!

In an interview, John Lunn revealed ‘There’s talk of Julian Fellowes and I and some of the cast doing a live tour…Julian may be the host. I’d say it’s a 75 per cent chance it will happen.’

Many of the cast already have singing experience, so it’s not entirely impossible to imagine Lady Mary singing her sarcastic comments, or Carson bossing the servants around in song!

So while we wait for the final series of Downton Abbey to start, we can sit back and relax in the knowledge that series 6 won’t be the last time we see some of our favourite TV characters on our screens!