The father-of-four has responded to criticisms after Harper was pictured alongside some of her little friends inside Buckingham Palace.


For many six-year-old girls, the opportunity to act like a real-life princess, with real life princesses, in an actual palace, is top of their wish list.

But, it is not an easy task. Unless of course, your dad is David Beckham, then it seems anything is possible!

To celebrate Harper’s sixth birthday the father-of-four shared an adorable picture captioned “Lucky Harper meeting a real life princess at the Palace”.

Lucky Harper meeting a real life princess at the Palace x ❤️

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The picture shows Harper, dressed as Frozen’s Princess Elsa, alongside some of her friends and Princess Eugenie inside Buckingham Palace.

However, some people have responded with huge criticism to the picture with comments such as “If you have enough money you can buy anything!!”

What do you think?

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Other users voiced similar frustrations. One user said: “Is this a new commercial venture by the Royal Family or do all little princesses now get an invite?”

David responded to the tirade of criticism by posting another picture which showed himself alongside his mum and Harper. The caption said: “Just to be clear this wasn’t the palace opening the gates for Harper’s birthday party, this was a tea party where us and other guests were invited so it was a beautiful thing to do with my mum, Harper plus a few school friends. We were honoured to be able to there, beautiful tea party.”

However, not all of the comments were negative. One user said: “What a beautiful day for Harper and friends. Happy Birthday little Princess.” Another added: “This is so ridiculously cute”.

It’s thought that the Duke and Duchess of York extended the invitation to the Beckhams. They are also said to have covered the costs of refreshments.

A Buckingham Palace spokesman stated, “From time to time members of the Royal Family who reside at royal residences invite guests to visit privately.”