Danniella Westbrook let loose on Twitter to dispel rumours about her son's alleged romance with an older woman who also happens to be Danniella's friend!


Danniella has never been one to mince her words and it seems the latest rumours have really got under her skin.

The actress posted on her Twitter, to her 302,000 followers: “From now on I won’t be replying to skanks hoes and low life bulky trolls they can all go die in a hole somewhere as far as I’m concerned.”

The Twitter rant came in response to rumours that Daniella’s son Kai, 20, was in a relationship with Danniella’s friend and Big Brother contestant Lisa Appleton, who is 49-years-old – 6 years older than Daniella!

lisa appleton and kai westbrook

Some pictures surfaced of the pair kissing while on holiday in Benidorm.

danniella westbrook and son

But Danniella clearly wanted to protect her son and set the record straight. She posted on Twitter: “And for the record my son was messing about with my pal on holiday no romance involved at all! Jeez @MsLisaAppleton please confirm this asap.”

Danniella wanted the rumours squashed immediately. Lisa replied within the hour to confirm that she was not in a relationship with Danniella’s son.

She joked that Danniella would not become her mother-in-law any time soon! Lisa said she was just “messing about on hols”. She went on to tweet again and said: “@westbrookdanni Deffo no romance at all!!! Just messing about x”.

Danniella was clearly frustrated by the rumours but her fans were on hand to reassure and defend her. One user said: “You don’t need to answer to anyone except yourself,stop giving these nasty people your time.” Another added: “Even if it was a romance it’s got nothing to do with anyone else.”

A third said: “Danniella you don’t need to explain anything on here to anyone your a lovely person be proud of who you are a strong lady x”.

Danniella has been very open about her troubled path but has recently spoken about how much better she is doing. During an interview with the Loose Women panel back at the start of the month, Danniella said: “I’m fantastic, I was so poorly the last time I was here. I was in such a bad place and trying to get better.”

She added: “I think for me with mental health it’s because you can’t see it. People pick up what they know, their band aid, for me it’s drugs.”

Danniella also announced on Twitter just a few weeks ago that she was excited to be undergoing reconstructive surgery soon.

The actress plans to visit Poland on 6 June for “face lift boobs and teeth”. She added: “About time after a year of hell”.