In a modest display of affection, Cheryl offered Liam her sweet seal of approval over his latest look.


In recent months Cheryl has kept a pretty low profile, especially when it comes to posting on social media. Other than the arrival of her first son with Liam Payne she has made few other announcements. We loved her sultry snap which debuted her noticeably lighter locks and ever since she posted about her and Liam’s date night we’ve been wanting more.

Date night 😏

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And it seems Liam’s latest fashion move provided just the occasion for Cheryl to pipe up. The singer made a low-key return to social media by supporting her boyfriend’s new look.

Liam posed in his latest Insta snap to show off his new shorter haircut which he captioned “Fresh cuts”. Cheryl is clearly a fan. The X Factor star posted a sweet comment on her partners page which said: “Love it” with a heart-shaped emoji.

Fresh cuts 💇🏻‍♂️

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The post has been popular with Liam’s fans too, with over 850,000 likes and nearly 15,000 comments. One person said: “Liam you look amazing”. Another added: “Love it”.

Not all of the comments were positive with some saying they preferred Liam’s longer do.

New shades. Who dis? 🕶

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One said: “Liam, what the hell? Were’s your hair?” Someone else wrote: “Not your best look, but I can never hate”.

But sprinkled throughout all 14,900 comments there was a lot of emojis with the love heart eyes. Lots….

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Although the message from Cheryl was very discrete and modest, it could mark the start of her return to the spotlight. Understandably since having baby Bear in March, Cheryl has wanted to focus on him and getting herself back into a routine.

If this is the start of her return, it is sure to make a lot of people happy. Just a few days before her social media comeback, Will.I.Am said he would love Cheryl to appear as a judge on The Voice. Given her experience on the X Factor, she is clearly qualified for the role but how would Simon Cowell feel about it?


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Speaking to the Daily Star, Will.I.Am said: “It would be dope to have Cheryl on The Voice…She would be awesome on The Voice. She would be right at home. It’s her type of thing actually.”

Regardless 0f which show she chooses, if she even chooses one, all we can hope it that Cheryl will be on our screens again soon!