According to a survey by LinkedIn – the world’s largest professional network – we’re an unfriendly bunch when it comes to the workplace. The survey suggests only a meagre third of UK professionals like to socialise outside of working hours! (Quick, grab your desk buddy and make a beeline for the pub!) Maybe we need to take a leaf out of these celebs’ book! After all, if Fearne and Holly can mix work and play… 

The study, which interviewed 11,000 people over 14, countries, also revealed that UK professionals are a ruthless lot when it comes to getting ahead, with half owning up that they’d ditch a work friendship if it meant getting a promotion.

While only 4 in 10 women said having a friend at work made them happier.

We don’t know about you, but here at WO HQ we rather like each other’s company! Do you have friends in the work place? Does it make your working life better, or prevent you from getting ahead?Let us know what you think below, or on our Facebook page