It was while she was on holiday in Thailand with her fiancé Mark last year that Carol McGiffin first found the lump that would change her life.

One year, a mastectomy, and six rounds of chemo later, Carol McGiffin is back in the public eye after taking an extended leave for her treatment, and she’s bolder and brighter than ever.


Speaking exclusively to Closer magazine this week, the Loose Women star admitted that, “it took a long time” for her to feel better, but she is finally back to feeling like herself again.

Carol McGiffin, 55, has a positive outlook for the future, and despite the tough time she’s had over the last year, she’s refused to become a pessimist. After discovering her diagnosis, she confessed to Closer that she and Mark, “went to the pub to get hammered” and in the whole time she was receiving the grueling treatment, she reveals, “I only cried once…because I poured too many chilli flakes on my scrambled eggs.”


“I couldn’t eat it because my mouth was sensitive from the chemo and it hurt…Mark had to make it again for me”. Her loyal fiancé Mark, 33, has been with Carol every step of the way, and in previous interviews Carol has revealed that coping with her diagnosis together actually made them a stronger couple and bought them closer.


When she first found out about the aggressive grade 3 tumour, Carol didn’t even tell Mark as the strong star wanted to process the news herself first, “I’d told him not to come [to the appointment]. I wanted to deal with it my way.”

After six years engaged, will they be planning the wedding any time soon? “We’ll definitely get married next year” Carol revealed, but for now the loved up duo are just enjoying life getting back to normal, “It’s great to go out and ejoy a meal and a bottle of wine with friends, without falling asleep at 9pm!”


We’re so glad that Carol is back and feeling better – we hope to see her on our screens again soon!