Monday's episode of EastEnders had every one talking about Stacey's boots... Did Lacey Turner forget to change into costume?


We do love a bit of soap gossip but we love a potential blooper even more…

Monday’s episode of EastEnders caused quite a stir… Viewers noticed something odd about Stacey Fowler’s shoes – did you spot it?

Lacey Turner has played Stacey on the soap since 2004. Perhaps better known as Stacey Slater or Branning, the character has experienced a tumultuous journey on the show. From dealing with her mother’s bipolar condition, abortion, drug abuse, her own mental illness and an affair with her father-in-law Max and not forgetting the death of her beloved Bradley.Lacey’s character has a strong following of supporters. But viewers couldn’t help but notice Stacey’s very expensive shoes on Monday’s episode…. A pair of Louboutin boots with the telltale red sole.

Stacey had just finished a lovely meal with her husband Martin but the pair didn’t want the night to end there. With a babysitter happily looking after Stacey’s little boy Arthur, she and Martin headed towards the allotment for a bit of “quick” fun…

stacey fowler

As the pair head out of shot Stacey can be seen wearing what appear to be a pair of iconically red-soled Christian Louboutin boots.

Could it be that Lacey had forgotten to change her shoes or is Stacey simply wearing a pair of designer knock-offs?

Stacey is definitely in no place to splash out on the real thing as the couple are facing serious money problems. Martin is a market trader and Stacey is not currently in work. So the idea of Stacey splashing as much as £700 on a pair of shoes was not very convincing.

If this was a blooper, it didn’t go noticed. Tweets poured in discussing whether they were the real thing or not.

One user said: “Martin Fowler must have a side business 4 Stacey to afford Christian Louboutin boots. No market trader has that kind of money #Eastenders”.

Another added: Funny that Stacey Fowler is wearing Louboutin boots but they’re supposed to be broke #EastEnders”.

EastEnders have not commented on whether the shoes were the real thing or if Lacey had forgotten to change. Either way it certainly got every one speculating!