First-time parents Amal and George Clooney recently introduced their baby daughter and son, and now George’s dad Nick has revealed exactly who the adorable newborns look most like.

Human rights lawyer Amal and her actor husband George Clooney have welcomed their twins into the world. It was announced that Amal had given birth on Tuesday 6th June 2017.

It seems the birth left George feeling particularly wiped out, as the statement finished with the tongue-in-cheek joke that “George is sedated and should recover in a few days”.

Reportedly, Amal gave birth at London’s Chelsea and Westminster hospital, where they paid £8,520 for a private suite in the Kensington Wing. It’s actually the same hospital that Cheryl (nee Cole) gave birth to baby Bear in, her child with former One Direction star Liam Payne.

Amal’s mother Baria Alamuddin was also spotted shopping in exclusive department stores in London – presumably collecting presents for the newly arrived bundles of joy.

She commented on the birth of her grandchildren, saying “We are over the moon. It was a beautiful delivery. The babies are beautiful and are doing well.”

Also, Amal’s father, Ramzil Alamuddin, who lives in Beirut, spoke up about his daughters recent arrivals. He said, “They are in great health, all is perfect. I am very happy for them, they will be great parents.”

And now George’s father, Nick Clooney, has spoken to Good Morning Britain about how gorgeous the family’s new arrivals are, saying “They’re absolutely beautiful. I’m supposed to be a reporter, therefore observant, but I really don’t know how to describe one beautiful baby from another beautiful baby – these are two beautiful babies.”

When asked about who the twins looked most like, Nick also said, “Nina (his wife, George’s mum) swears they have George’s nose. I don’t know what that means. She says it’s the little boy, that sounds like a grandmother to me.” He also added that both babies had their father’s dark hair.

83-year-old Nick also spoke about how George and Amal will be taking to the new additions, even joking that this son should be counting his lucky stars being with someone like Amal!

(Nick and Nina)

He said, “George will be an absolutely wonderful father, Amal will be – and already is – a magnificent mother. I’m constantly amazed by her. She is an incredible woman. George certainly married up.”

The proud parents reveal their chosen baby names!

The couple’s spokesperson released a statement confirming the news, and revealing the adorable names of the newborns – Ella and Alexander. It read, “This morning Amal and George welcomed Ella and Alexander Clooney into their lives,”

“Ella, Alexander and Amal are all healthy, happy and doing fine.”

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Nicole Kidman was one of the first celebs to publicly congratulate the couple. Speaking at this year’s Glamour Women Of The Year Awards she said, “Any time a baby is born, I’m like: ‘Ahhh’. So two babies it’s double ‘ahhh’. They have the most joyful journey ahead.”

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