A ‘devastated’ Adele was forced to cancel her final two shows at Wembley at the weekend after damaging her vocal chords.

Thousands of Adele fans were absolutely devastated to learn that they wouldn’t get to see the singer perform her last ‘Finale’ shows at Wembley after waiting for months to see the star after managing to secure tickets last year.

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“I went to see my throat doctor this evening because my voice didn’t open up at all today and it turns out I have damaged my vocal cords” the singer wrote.

“And on medical advice I simply am unable to perform.”

“To say I’m heartbroken would be a complete understatement” she added.

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It seems that the singer pushed her voice to the brink while performing her first shows at Wembley on the back of a 121 show world tour. Now, insiders have revealed that Adele is terrified the damage to her voice is permanent.

During her final show last week, Adele told the crowd, “It feels like I’ve got a dead rat in my throat.”

Devastated Adele fans face having their tickets simply refunded, and missing out on what could be the last ever opportunity to see the singer perform live.

“Gutted” wrote one disappointed fan. “Been looking forward to this for months ☹ ☹” wrote another. Others noted that if Adele does reschedule her tour dates if her voice recovers, it won’t be for some time, “vocal chords take time to recover so can’t see it being re-scheduled for a while.”

The award-winning superstar previously struggled with vocal issues in 2011. The singer has been trying to avoid a repeat of the throat haemorrhage that forced her to cancel her US tour six years ago. Arriving on stage each night with a mug of hot water and lemon, the Tottenham-born hit maker also had to swear off booze for the duration of her tour – something which she admitted finding a difficult sacrifice.

A source told The Sun, “Adele was desperate to do the tour for her fans and her team did everything they could to protect her voice.

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“The dates were spaced out so she could recover between shows, and she followed a plan put in place by vocal coaches to the letter.

“But when she struggled in the earlier gigs — even admitting at one point her throat felt like it had ‘a dead rat in it’ — she pushed right through the pain, and that may have done irreversible damage.

“In her camp, the fear is not that she won’t tour again. The fear is that she won’t be able to sing again.”