Miranda Hart‘I’ve just had a baby!’ Miranda Hart declares. But don’t get too excited – Miranda hasn’t secretly been pregnant and given birth, the new mum in question is actually her Call The Midwife character Chummy, who returns to Poplar in tonight’s episode.

But it seems that acting pregnant has definitely affected Miranda’s own attitude to motherhood.

Having previously said she finds babies a ‘bit boring’, the comic-turned-actress now admits, ‘I’ve never been pregnant before in real life or in television life, but it’s quite odd how you start doing those pregnancy things. I’ve started rubbing my tummy like a pregnant lady and saying “Oooh” all the time.’

The 40-year-old star also confesses to shedding a tear when she experienced how it might feel to meet your own child for the very first time.

Miranda says, ‘I started welling up,’ about when she filmed her birth scene. ‘It was quite natural. It was the first time I’d thought, “Wow, it must be amazing to have your own child”.’

We last saw Chummy and PC Noakes (Ben Caplan) leaving for Africa to do missionary work for six months, so how will Chummy’s co-workers react to her happy news in this weekend’s episode?

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