They’re the picture perfect couple whose wedding photos and honeymoon snaps made us all green with envy last year, so we were all shocked when rumours swirled that Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright’s marriage was on the rocks.


Despite only tying the knot in a lavish ceremony last May, rumours surfaced that the couple were having problems and a split could be on the horizon.

The rumours started while Michelle was away working on the ‘Our Girl’ set in South Africa. Reports suggested that the distance between the couple, with Mark remaining living and working in the UK, put a strain on the relationship. After being spotted out and about in South Africa without her wedding or engagement ring on, and then again when celebrating her birthday in Manchester without Mark (or her diamond) in tow, Michelle felt compelled to deny the rumours.

Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright

Taking to her Twitter, the 29-year-old stated, “‘No wedding ring, no wedding ring’ blah blah blah sooooo boring!!! Not that I have to explain but I’m SO sick of these stories…

“I work on camera so I take it off and put it somewhere safe… SIMPLE. Last night I went straight out after work… Hence the NO ring!!!” 

She finished off her statement by saying, “That’s the only comment I’m making!!!”


In an interview with Fabulous magazine, Michelle went on to air her frustration at the constant speculation about her marriage.

“All the marriage reports are ridiculous,” she said.

“I’ve only been married for a year and a half. I’m working away, so why can’t it be celebrated that we’re newly married and have our separate careers, but are still really strong? Why the negative spin?”

However, Michelle has recently admitted that like any married couple, they do have their squabbles! In an interview with the Radio Times, the actress revealed that her and Mark might occasionally fall out – over the remote control!  “I love watching cookery programmes, but Mark says they’re depressing,” she said. “I love watching people cook; he says it reminds him of being school. “

Their solution? Watch TV in different room! “I do watch TV with Mark, especially if we’ve got downtime at the weekend,” Michelle confessed. “But we’ve got two screens and he’s normally in the living room watching football and I’m in the kitchen cooking.”


For now, Stockport-born Michelle and former TOWIE star Mark are planning their first Christmas together in Essex.

‘We’re having an Essex Christmas and it will be amazing,’ Mark told The Daily Mirror, in November.

“We’re such Christmas people, I can’t wait” Michelle revealed. She also divulged the rather unusual gift she has asked for this year.

“I’ve asked Mum for a dog ramp so my sausage dog Phoebe can get on the bed without straining her back.”

This could be Mark and Michelle’s final Christmas just the two of them, as the actress revealed, “I’m always broody”. However, family plans seem to be on hold for the time being while the actress continues to work on her career.

Michelle’s most recent project, ‘Tina & Bobby’, will air on ITV in early 2017.

Tina and Bobby ☀️ @itv @_macf_

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Talking about the three-part drama Michelle revealed, “It’s a love story, but there are sad elements, too. No one hears the wife’s side when the husband is so famous. It was a very emotional story.”

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