Michelle Heaton opens up about sons meningitisMichelle Heaton has opened up about the terrifying moment her baby son was rushed to hospital with viral meningitis.

Michelle’s son, Aaron, who is just five weeks old, was taken into hospital earlier this week and the star has now revealed that she wont know if he has suffered any long term damage until he gets older.

‘Our beautiful baby boy Aaron Jay Hanley is home now and we couldnt be happier. It has been hell, I’m not going lie and only time will tell if Aaron has been physically or mentally effected with having had viral meningitis,’ Michelle wrote on Twitter.

‘But the chances are slight so we just pray he will be one of the lucky ones! We certainly are to get our little man home. Faith has been the best big sister ever, nursing him every day, now time for Lots of cuddles and family time,’ she added.

We wish little Aaron a speedy recovery!