What would Meghan Markle’s title be if she married Prince Harry? Princess Meghan? Or a Duchess like Kate? A Royal Historian reveals all…

There has been non-stop speculation about whether Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will get engaged this year. Firstly the revelation that Harry has received Meghan’s father’s blessing for their relationship, then the rumour that he’s turning his mother’s old tiara into an engagement ring. Sometimes it seems like these two are set to walk down the aisle!

Although Prince Harry needs to get written permission from the Queen before he can marry Meghan, if the much anticipated royal wedding went ahead, we can’t help but wonder: what would Meghan Markle’s title be?

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Well, luckily Royal Historian Marlene Koenig is on hand to provide some insight into the situation.

Writing on the blog Royal Musings, Marlene shared her view on what Meghan’s title could be.

What would Meghan Markle's title be if she married Prince Harry?

Just like Kate, Koenig thinks that Meghan will become a Duchess. Kate Middleton became The Duchess of Cambridge after she married Prince William at Westminster Abbey in April 2011.

Koenig speculates that should Meghan and Prince Harry get married, the American actress will become Meghan, Duchess of Sussex.

Apparently the titles of Duke and Duchess of Sussex have ‘sat vacant’ since 1843. So, perfect for Prince Harry and Meghan to inherit! The new title would need to be bestowed by the queen.

However, Prince Harry may also keep his current rank: His Royal Highness Prince Henry of Wales. In which case, Meghan would become a ‘Princess’ in true fairytale style!

We wonder if they will live Happily Ever After? We certainly hope so!