A Meghan Markle royals introduction is imminent it seems as the US actress gets seal of approval from Mike Tindall who confesses, “she’ll do absolutely fine.”

The prospect of joining one of the world’s most famous family’s must be incredibly daunting, even if you are used to the limelight. So it’s no surprise that Zara Tindall’s husband, former professional England rugby player Mike, has revealed it was ‘nerve-racking’ when he first joined ‘The Firm’.

‘The Firm’, as many refer to the royal family after Princess Diana coined the phrase, looks set to welcome another new member very soon, if things are going as swimmingly between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as it seems.

Harry and Meghan have been dating for a year now. Their whirlwind romance has seen the couple conducting their relationship between Toronto, where Meghan is based, and Prince Harry’s Kensington Palace cottage in London. The pair have been spotted on a string of romantic dates in the capital, and Harry has even whisked his love away on dreamy getaways to see the Northern Lights and to most recently to Africa to celebrate Meghan’s birthday.

It is reported that the pair are planning on moving in together in Kensington Palace imminently. However, it is said that their engagement is being delayed as Harry is keen for Meghan to have as much time as possible to adjust to living like a royal, with all of the scrutiny that comes with it, before they tie the knot.

But, it seems that when the time comes, the royal family will be ready to welcome Meghan with open arms. That is if what Princess Anne’s son-in-law Mike Tindall says is anything to go by.

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The 38-year-old revealed what his own experiences joining the royal family were like, but also mentioned that he thinks Meg will “be absolutely fine” and fit right in.

“It comes with a lot of history and the family that it is. It’s obviously nerve-racking.

“But she [Meghan] has been under enough scrutiny and pressure in her day-to-day life so I’m sure she will get through it. She will be fine.

“As long as they are both happy that’s all that you can ask for. She’ll do absolutely fine.

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However, Mike also revealed, “We haven’t met yet. It will be nice to meet her.”

So, although Meghan has met Harry’s closest family members, including the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince George and Princess Charlotte, she is yet to meet the winder royal family.

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Mike and Zara will apparently meet Meghan in the coming months. For the time being, the couple are said to still be enjoying a dream trip to Africa together.