The relationship between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry seems to be going from strength to strength. After going public with their romance last year, the loved-up pair have been spotted arm in arm around London, and have also taken their first holiday together – to see the magical Northern Lights.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Now, Meghan has dropped everything again to fly to London to see her Prince. The American actress has been spotted out and about in Kensington, just walking distance from Prince Harry’s royal residence. The ‘Suits’ star is also wearing her heart on her sleeve (or rather, her finger) when it comes to her romance with Harry.

Keeping a low profile whilst out buying flowers, the 35-year-old was snapped adorned with gold rings. One of which appeared to be very special indeed. Engraved with a subtle ‘H’, Meghan’s newest ring seems to be a tribute to boyfriend Prince Harry.

After reports revealed that Harry is planning on bring Meghan as his date to Pippa Middleton’s wedding in May [READ MORE HERE] it seems that things are getting serious for the couple.

However, there could be a bumpy road ahead. Astrologer Terry Nazon revealed to Perez Hilton that official protocol and strict rules surrounding royal romances could come between the couple. Especially as Meghan becomes increasingly frustrated at being left out of royal events and gatherings.

Terry revealed:

“The romance between Prince Harry and commoner Meghan Markle is no doubt raising concerns at Buckingham Palace. As this romance continues to get more serious and it will, it’s certain that Harry will be told in no uncertain terms to keep his romance out of the public’s view or to break up with her all together. It won’t be the first or last time Meghan isn’t invited to break bread with the royals. As long as a certain honor guard is in place at Buckingham Palace Harry will have to be more discreet with his new flame, for he too is part of that old honor guard system like it or not.”

Terry went on the explain:

“It’s going to be very disappointing for Meghan to realize that Harry is not the free spirit she thought him to be. He’s a grown-up Royal Prince. Her expectations through early October could be dashed when Harry gives in to royal pressure and leaves her out of some very important functions and festivities.

It will also hurt Prince Harry when he is forced to choose between the royal family, duty and his heart. All year long this couple that is truly smitten with each other may be forced to go their separate ways and hearts will be broken. When reality sets in this could turn out to be the on again-off again romance of 2017. If they can weather the frequent separations, holidays apart and the disapproval of the old guard at the palace in 2017, a whole different picture emerges in 2018 for this couple. Hope springs eternal where there’s true love.”

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