Matt Johnson as Taylor SwiftAs fans of Your Face Sounds Familiar will know, tonight Matt Johnson will be transformed into Taylor Swift and he wont be doing things by halves!

The This Morning presenter has gone the extra mile, shaving his legs for a truly authentic transformation.

Matt, 30, said: ‘Having my legs waxed was a very new experience and one which I never want to revisit. I thought it would be easy but it was one of the most painful experiences of my life. I have really hairy legs, so it was like waxing a bear.’

And ridding himself of leg hair isn’t the only sacrifice the Welsh hottie is making for his performance of Taylor Swift hit, We Are Never Getting Back Together.

Matt also added: I have to be careful about keeping my meat and two veg under wraps. I’ve been told to wear briefs, which will be weird for me as I’m a boxer shorts man, but we can’t have it popping out on stage. I don’t think Cilla Black would appreciate that. Or maybe she would!’

This is one performance we can’t wait to see!

Check out Matt and the rest of the contestants on Your Face Sounds Familiar, ITV, tonight at 7:30pm.