A bitter dispute over the star’s will has put the family through hell

Shocking new details have emerged about the relationship between the late Lynda Bellingham’s two sons Robbie and Michael Peluso and their stepfather Michael Pattemore.


Opening up to Phil and Holly on This Morning in their first ever televised interview (Tuesday 3rd May), Lynda’s sons claim that “we never trusted him”, right from the beginning of Lynda and Michael’s 10 years together. They also revealed how Michael had previously attacked them for taking precious family photographs from their home, as he “uses them for press”.

Her eldest son, Michael said: “When she initially met him, we didn’t trust him and felt she could better, but what sons don’t want the best for their mother and aren’t going to think that?

“But then we were at an age where we were going out more and we had our own girlfriends and not as home as much and why shouldn’t our dear mother, who has been on her own for 10 years, looking after us, not deserve the right to find someone else and be happy?”

Robbie also claimed that Michael instructed them to return a TV that had been gifted to them. “We had to take the TV back to the house,” said Lynda’s son Michael. “Then like [Robbie] said it was: ‘How dare you take those photos, I need those photos for press.’”

The boys also opened up about Lynda’s incredible bravery and spirit, even at the end of her life. “To be honest, she made it easier, she didn’t change. She just continued as she did.”

They also stressed that Lynda was a very trusting woman: “She always saw the best in everyone,” Michael continued. “The advice she was given whatever that may have been, inheritance tax and things like that, she felt that what she was doing was the best by us.”

Michael Pattemore’s only response to the accusations has been a brief statement, which was read by Phil on air: “The only comment I will make is, we don’t have probate yet and when it’s released that is when I will make my comment.”

Lynda’s sons’ comments were made in response to their ongoing legal battle with their stepfather. The Peluso brothers have accused Michael of squandering thousands of pounds from their late mother’s estate, as well as their inheritance.


The sons of the late Oxo star Lynda Bellingham are now embroiled in a bitter legal dispute, and have hired a legal team to contest their mother’s will. The former Oxo star and actress left everything to her husband, Michael. The two boys of the much-loved ‘Loose Women’ panelist have also claimed that despite being evicted from the family home and watching their inheritance disappear, the legal battle is not all, “about money”.


After losing their mother to bowel cancer 18 months ago, Robbie and Michael have heartbreakingly revealed that the stress caused by their step-father’s actions has prevented them, “from grieving properly”.

Talking to the Daily Mail, one of Lynda Bellingham’s sons, Robbie revealed, “At that point I thought, ‘No. Enough is enough.’” Referring to an interview his step-father gave where he claimed the ghost of Lynda had visited him from beyond the grave Robbie commented, “That interview was awful, so disrespectful to my mother.”

Lynda-Bellingham-OXO-mum“She should be remembered for all the wonderful work she did as an actress and the inspiring courage she showed at the end of her life, not for these tacky revelations that are tarnishing the reputation she worked so hard for.

“When I read the interview about her ghost, I knew it was time to stand up for her, and give our side of everything that’s happened since my mother’s death.

“Our stepfather always says he’s close to us, but that’s not the case. We want the public to know that a lot of what they’ve been told just isn’t true.”