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‘Oxo mum’ Lynda lost her battle with bowel cancer aged aged 66 in October 2014. And in the wake of her death, there was more shock news to come.

Lynda had left everything in her will to her husband. Author Michael is said to have only given a small sum to Lynda’s two children from her second marriage.

And in another blow Lynda’s sons also alleged that he kicked them out of the family home. Speaking on This Morning at the time Michael, 34, revealed:

“While my mother’s husband was away, I received a text message which was unexpected, it was less than a year after my mum had passed away. [I took] things that had a lot of sentimental value basically… and Michael wasn’t too happy about it. There was various texts that said I shouldn’t have taken those things. We had to take the TV back to the house – [he said] ‘how dare you take those photos, I need those for press’.”

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