Lorraine KellyLorraine Kelly is lucky enough to try food from the country’s top chefs in the cookery section on her show every week, but she reveals to Woman’s Own that her favourite cook is a bit closer to home.

‘My mum makes amazing home made chicken soup,’ she tells us.’I try to follow her recipe but mine is never as good! And my husband, Steve, is a far better cook than me.

‘But my signature dish is a quick and easy paella with chicken and seafood. I like it with lots of crusty bread and lashings of Rioja!’

Lorraine is looking trim and healthy after recovering from her horse-riding accident in February this year.

‘If I’m really on a health kick then Japanese miso soup is filling and low in calories,’ she says. ‘I buy it in cube form in supermarkets and just add boiling water.

‘If I feel hungry, I don’t reach for a chocolate bar. Instead, I fill up with a home-made vegetable soup. It’s so healthy and warming – and full of goodness.’

‘But my downfall is any kind of chocolate mini-bar,’ she adds. ‘I eat three times as much as a normal sized bar because they’re so dinky!’

You can get the recipe for Lorraine’s Mum’s chicken soup here.