She’s well known for talking openly and honestly about both her career and her personal life, but now Linda Robson has shocked fans by revealing that her marriage to husband Mark Dunford nearly ended years ago.

The Loose Women star admitted that she and Mark were once on the brink of divorce, despite being married for an impressive 27 years.

The 59-year-old admitted, “I love him. We’ve had a few tough years when we could have easily called it a day, but we didn’t.”

Their marriage over the years…

The admirably open Birds of a Feather star went on to chat about her two children with Mark – Louis, 24, Bobbie, 20, and Linda’s daughter from a past relationship, Lauren. But the actress wasn’t afraid to admit that whilst they’ve had good times, difficult times with their children have almost left their relationship in tatters.

Linda has previously revealed that Lauren has suffered from bulimia, while Louis went through PTSD after witnessing the murder of his friend.

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She said, “People always said [Lauren] looked like Kate Moss. We went to the agency and they took loads of photographs but somebody said to her, ‘You need to lose a little bit of weight’. I replied, ‘No, she doesn’t’, and we walked out. It was ridiculous.”
Sadly, things got worse after that, as Lauren become dramatically thinner and was eventually forced to seek help. And a few years later, in 2008, the murder of 16-year-old Ben Kinsella took place – and he was a close friend of her son Louis.

Tragically, Linda’s son saw the death of Ben take place, whilst the pair were out with friends celebrating the end of their GCSEs. And the horrific moment left lasting repercussions for Louis, who suffered PTSD for a long time following the murder.

Despite his traumatic past, Linda has revealed that Louis is doing a lit better nowadays, saying “Louis is doing really well now. He’s really into his music and writing all the time.”

Whatever’s happened, we applaud Linda for being so candid and real about her personal struggles – here’s hoping she can inspire all of us to be a bit more honest.