Loose Women panellist Linda Robson is an open book when it comes to her antics in the bedroom.

And after recently confessing that her and hubby Mark Dunford have consulted the Kama Sutra in an effort to spice up their love life, she had more shock revelations in store for viewers.

linda robson

Speaking on the hit daytime show she told colleagues:

“Mark’s never even seen me with no clothes on. We do it under the duvet, with the lights off and the curtains drawn in my granny nightie!”

The 58-year-old has been married to Mark for 26 years, and has talked about what goes on behind closed doors more than once. In fact, she looked more than comfortable handling a bag of sex toys that were a takeaway from the Fifty Shades Darker premiere earlier this month.

Whipping a vibrator out of the bag she said:

“I also got this, it’s a hands free thing that you use… It’s going off now, what are you supposed to do, put it up there?”

Holding back a fit of giggles she added:

“It’s got a life of it’s own doesn’t it… I can’t turn it off!” Ooh err!

And as well as things heating up in the bedroom stakes, the Bird’s of a Feather star has also shaken things up in another area. Linda embarked on a sugar-free diet following revelations 
that she was drinking up to 
a bottle of wine every night. In an effort to get back on track she has waved goodbye to sugary treats and merlot in favour of sparkling water and a svelte figure. In fact she’s dropped an impressive seven pounds in just 
over a week.

The mum of Lauren, 33, Louis, 25, and Bobbie, 20, plans to keep up new regime. Talking to her Loose pals she said:

“I’ve got everyone watching me now, I’ve got to stick to it.’ You can do it, Linda!”

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