If you haven’t seen a picture of Liam from One Direction recently you might be surprised to see how many tattoos he has!

This snap of him back in 2016 shows his arms visibly bare of ink…

Workout done off to party!!! #britawards2016

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But fast forward to the present day and his hands are almost fully covered! According to OK! Liam could have as many as 21 tattoos covering his body.

liam from one direction tattoo

But out of all his body heart, Liam has revealed that his favourite piece of body art is his tribute to girlfriend and mother to his child, Cheryl Tweedy.

BuzzFeed asked Liam what his most meaningful tattoo was and he replied: “I would say having my missus’ eye on me is a nice thing because I like to know that she’s always got her eye on me, and I’ve always got my eye on her, which is nice.”

Cheryl’s eyes are almost iconic, the public have always lusted over how beautiful they are. Fans of the former Girls Aloud band member have speculated that Cheryl’s album artwork for 3 Words was the basis of the design.

cheryl tweedy

It was only in late January of this year that it was spotted and it is thought he got the tribute to show his commitment before the birth of the couple’s son, Bear, in March.

Cheryl hasn’t spoken publicly about her thoughts on his tattoos but several of Liam’s fans are divided by the eye.

One fan wrote: “That eye is scary”. Another added: “I don’t like your tattoo” and a third said: “The eye is creepy….😰”.

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Not everyone found the tribute a little creepy though. Some saw it as a sweet gesture with one person commenting: “Awww! That is definitely Cheryl’s eye. How cute 😍❤️.” Someone else wrote: “Amazing tattoo”, another added: “Lovely tribute to Cheryl”.

Cheryl has always been pro-tattoos so we imagine that she probably liked this gesture from Liam. Back before the couple started dating Cheryl posted a quote to Instagram which read: “Tattoos are the one of the only thing you take to the grave. Having tattoos does not make you a delinquent or a thug…it’s art! Art is about self expression and creativity. Some people hand their art, we wear ours..”

I love this! #art #selfexpression #bodyart 🌹#beauty

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She captioned the picture: “I love this! #art #selfexpression #bodyary #beauty 🌹”. Cheryl famously got her derriere tattooed with a huge rose memorial. Liam’s tattoo of roses on his hand is thought to be a nod to this.

Who knows if the couple’s art is related, or if Cheryl has the same sentiments about her eye tattooed on Liam’s arm. One this is for sure, the couple had us all talking about it!