Cheryl's second baby with Liam is already being planned, just months after the couple welcomed their son Bear. Will he be joined by a brother or sister?

Liam Payne and Cheryl Tweedy only welcomed their son Bear Payne to the world a few months ago on 22 March.

But now it seems Cheryl’s second baby with the former One Direction band member is already a topic of discussion!

The inevitable lack of sleep, dirty nappies and endless washing that comes with any new baby doesn’t seem to have put Cheryl and Liam off! The couple must be feeling broody because Liam has dropped ANOTHER hint that baby Bear will get a brother or sister to grow up with soon…

A source told Now: “Liam has been busy travelling and promoting his music as well as writing new material, but when he does get a moment he flies home to be with Cheryl and Bear – and of course try for baby number two.”

The source added: “They’re planning romantic family time together next month for Liam’s 24th birthday and hoping Cheryl will fall pregnant soon.”

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It is no secret that the couple want a sibling for Bear. Liam previously revealed that he and Cheryl had “spoken about it”.

In an interview with the The Sunday Mirror Liam said: “We have spoken about this. We will see what happens. We are in a routine now and loving life.” The couple had Kimberley Walsh, Cheryl’s former band member, round and Liam said “she couldn’t believe that we’d got baby Bear into such a good routine.”

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He added: “We sit round with Bear, watch old films like Ritchie Rich and Stand By Me, have a laugh.”

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The singer has spoken proudly about how his son has changed him and how proud he is of Cheryl. He said: “She’s very headstrong. She’s a strong woman. Cheryl’s just been amazing. She doesn’t want to miss the close contact with him. And the thing people don’t know is she has done it all herself.”

is Cheryl's second baby on the cards?

He added: “When she first got pregnant, I couldn’t keep up with everything.”

In a live interview with Marvin Humes, for the premiere of his new single Strip That Down, Liam said he loved Bear’s bath time.

He said: “I’d say bath time is the funniest thing, he’s great baby Bear he’s just starting to giggle. He smiles just like his mum and his mum has a beautiful smile.”

We can’t wait to see little Bear grow up – maybe with a little brother or sister to look after soon!