The question everyone is asking today is is Lady Gaga playing Cilla Black in a new film?!

After Sheridan Smith’s star turn as Cilla Black in the highly acclaimed ITV show, it’s difficult to imagine any other actress being able to fill the shoes of such a showbiz legend.


However, rumours have been circulating around Cannes this week that none other than Lady Gaga is set to play the late Liverpool-born star.


Lady Gaga, 30, is apparently due to play the late Cilla Black in a brand new biopic about the life of Dionne Warwick, now 75, who is an American singer, actress and TV host. Warwick often said the late Cilla Black was her ‘professional rival’, so the “Anyone Who Had a Heart” singer will feature in the film.


Although Gaga’s reps have denied up to this point that the singer will be involved in the film, Dionne told a different story to Variety, “Actually, it’s just a little glitch.” the singer revealed.  

Dionne Warwick-1965

Dionne Warwick in 1965

Dionne continued, “It wasn’t her that issued the statement. It was her PR people. It’s like everything else. The right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing. It becomes a problem. When they start talking to each other, it’s going to make a difference.”

What do you think about Lady Gaga playing Cilla Black on-screen? Can you see her in the role? Or is there someone better to honour the late singer’s memory? Let us know by joining the conversation on our Facebook page!