No make-up? What would Stacey say?

The ex-Eastender has been brushing up on her military skills for the beeb’s Sunday night drama, Our Girl.

She captured the nation’s heart as dysfunctional Stacey Slater, but now 24-year old Lacey will play Molly Dawes, a nail bar beautician from a council estate who makes a new life for herself in the Army.

The actress joined real recruits on an induction course at the Pirbright training base in Surrey, where she picked up a few party tricks.

‘I can take a rifle apart just like that and put it back together,’ she beams. ‘I’ve been marching round with a plastic gun so I get my marching just right. I must look like I’m mad.’

DON’T MISS! Our Girl is on BBC1 this Sunday at 9pm