Coronation Street fans continue to be moved by Michelle Connor’s stillbirth storyline. And an outpouring of support has also come in from fans, following the news that the Weatherfield barmaid was contemplating ending her own life.

Now the star who Kym Marsh – the star who play her – has revealed that the harrowing scene has led to some positive outcomes.

Speaking to OK! Magazine she revealed:

“I’ve been portraying every emotion possible as Michelle, which is quite draining.

“But it’s worth it to see that so many campaigns have started, like the petition so that babies born before 24 weeks are given birth certificates, which is something I’d like to see.”

On her hopes for this and other campaigns, she added:

“There needs to be some kind of recognition for those babies who sadly don’t make it.

“No matter what, they’re still someone’s child and I think it seems cruel.”

A daughter’s pride

Kym Marsh’s daughter has paid an emotional tribute to her mum following her harrowing miscarriage scene on Coronation Street!

Tweeting on Wednesday night, she described how the episode would have made Archie – the son Kym lost eight years ago – so proud.

Emilie wrote: ‘Can’t explain how proud I am of my amazing mummy! You’ve Done Arch so proud. I love you! Both amazing. @msm4rsh @simongregson123.’

Fans also took to social media to heap praise on the star:

Coronation Street fans unimpressed by strange twist in storyline

Coronation Street fans are a passionate lot. So imagine their reaction when one of the most poignant scenes in Weatherfield in recent months was marred by a tactless background inclusion.

As Kym’s character Michelle Connor was rushed to hospital during Leanne Tillsley’s baby shower, a shock song played on the jukebox. And it was none other than the Bay City Rollers hit Bye Bye Baby.

Understandably viewers couldn’t believe their ears as Michelle was actually suffering from a late miscarriage that would lead to the loss of her unborn son, Rauri.

They shared their disgust on social media:

Kym opens up about storyline close to her heart

Kym Marsh has opened up about the soap’s heartbreaking storyline which mirrors a tragic event in her own life. Speaking to OK! Magazine the soap starlet shared her family’s devastation and anguish following the death of her son, Archie, at just 21 weeks old.

Seven years on from Kym’s loss the 40-year-old revealed that she is facing an upcoming miscarriage storyline in her on-screen role as Michelle Connor. The brave star explained that she decided to forge ahead with painful plot, despite what she has been through.


“I have had to go to some really dark places when filming the heartbreaking scenes. But my family, friends and colleagues have been incredible,” she said.

“Losing a child is something that never leaves you, so revisiting those feelings as Michelle was a challenge,” she continued.

The actress also explained how she was supported every step of the way during filming.

“There was a counsellor on set at all times when we were filming the scenes.”

Continuing she added that her children also provided the ultimate comfort:

“But the best tonic was to go home and see David, Emilie and Polly, which reminded me how lucky I am to have my children.”

The mum-of-four recently sent out an emotional Tweet thanking fans for their heartfelt messages in response to the storyline.

One in four pregnancies ends in miscarriage, according to figures published by Tommy’s – an organisation that funds research into pregnancy problems.

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