Poor Phil!

Kim Woodburn causes a stir wherever she goes. After a controversial stint in the Celebrity Big Brother house – Coleen Nolan described her as ‘vile’ – it seems that the 74-year-old’s appetite for an argument sees no sign of abating.

Appearing on the This Morning sofa the former How Clean Is Your House? star decided that daytime TV was no barrier to a spatfest that sparked a host of internet memes from bemused viewers. When co-presenter Phil dared to suggest that CBB housemates hadn’t been arguing prior to her arrival, Kim wagged her finger knowingly and let rip.

“You weren’t in there Phil. You don’t see me getting ganghanded by them, you saying something to one of them and they all come back at you!

“Go in that house for 24 hours, sit there and watch it for 45 minutes a night, then you tell me why I was annoyed.”

And things didn’t stop there. Just when fans thought the awkward reading couldn’t get any higher, an exasperated Phil hit back saying:

“But I know why people reacted in the way that they reacted to you, because of the way you make me feel sitting on that sofa.

“You’re already making me feel confrontational.”

Getting increasingly hot under the collar but not ready to back down just yet.

“I get it, I understand…. But I know why people reacted in the way that they reacted to you because of the way you make me feel sitting on the sofa – you’re already making me feel confrontational… we are just asking you questions, that’s our job!”

And unsurprisingly Kim’s reply didn’t disappoint.

“No you’re not Phil, you big phoney”.

And as Kim left the studio, Phil revealed her final words saying: “Kim left and said to me, “You’re a bit of a b******’ and then gave me a kiss on both cheeks, before saying, “bl**dy good tele.”

Naturally the Twitterverse was ready to respond to the war of words with a series of hilarious comments and images.

After the appearance the following Tweet was posted on Kim’s unverified Twitter account:


Oh dear. At least no can accuse Kim of making boring TV!

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