This has shocked us!

Katie Price has previously revealed that she finally wants to have a break up chat with ex Peter Andre. Despite it being over 8 years since the couple split.

Speaking to Closer magazine the reality star said: “Pete and I have never had a proper chat about everything that happened. One day I want us to sit down together and be honest about it all.”

“It’s all amicable right now. He’s got his life and I’ve got mine.”

She revealed on Loose Women, “We’ve never sat down with the kids together or even together to talk things through.”

The pair have recently come together on a number of issues, with Pete admitting he was happy to “compromise” when it came to Katie’s decision to set up Instagram accounts for Junior, 11, and Princess, 9.

Peter-Andre-and-Katie-PriceDespite their bitter split, Peter Andre revealed earlier this year that he and Katie Price have finally called a truce.

“It’s really strange even with things that have happened in the past, me and Kate we’re okay now,” he said in a magazine interview.

However, recent comments made my Katie regarding their children and their divorce seem to have shaken Pete.

Katie stated that their children, Junior and Princess, don’t even remember the couple’s divorce and now “loved that both their parents had found love again.”

The mum-of-five revealed, “I don’t remember my parents splitting up… Princess was one and a half, and Junior was three, they don’t even remember it.”

“The kids love Kieran and Emily and they get love from both of us.”

The comments appear to have annoyed Peter, with new! magazine revealing that an insider said, “Pete thinks it’s totally ridiculous. He can’t understand how she could say that. Of course the kids remember their split? What child wouldn’t?”

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Katie’s shock revelation: “I didn’t want to divorce him”

Chatting on Loose Women, Katie revealed that she actually never wanted to divorce Peter in the first place. And it was only because, “certain people” got involved that the pair ended up splitting in such bitter circumstances.

“I wanted to be with him,” the 37-year-old, mum-of-five revealed. “We’ve never spoken about it because certain people got involved. We would [still] be together now.”


Not wishing to dwell on the past or cause any further drama, Katie quickly added, “but it doesn’t matter now”. However, the divorce is obviously still a sore point for the panel show host, who shares two children with Peter – Junior and Princess.

“It [the divorce] killed me because I had to agree to only have my children for half the time as we shared childcare” Katie confessed.

“Princess was only one and a half at the time and Junior was three. And I will never forgive that situation,” she continued.

Despite the fact that Katie admitted, “I didn’t want to divorce him. I wanted to be with him” the feeling doesn’t appear to be mutual. An insider told new! magazine that from Pete’s point of view, “them getting back together is one thing that would never happen.”