Loose Women panellist Katie Price has revealed a morbid fascination that is likely to shock her legions of fans.

Speaking to Woman magazine, the 38-year-old revealed:

“I’m fascinated by death row and serial killers. Doing a show like Piers Morgan’s Killer Women would be my dream job.”

The mum of five’s comments come a little over a week after her Instagram account was came under scrutiny. The star posted a picture which disgusted her fans and followers.

Katie Price

Katie uploaded a photo of a dead bird to her account, much to the shock of her followers. The picture showed the poor bird after it had seemingly been hit by the star’s car.

Katie Price

“Nice!! Just send I must of hit a bird (sic),” she captioned the insensitive image. Her followers immediately began criticising her poor taste. “Why would you do that?” some questioned. Another fan said, “Love you to bits Katie but have no idea why you would post that.”

After the backlash, she quickly deleted the image from her account.

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