The former couple disagree on the important issue

Peter Andre has revealed that he has banned the use of social media at his house for his and Katie Price’s two young children, despite the fact that Katie herself set up an Instagram account for both Junior and Princess.

Previously, he revealed that he was working together with ex-wife Katie, on a ‘online compromise’ for their two children, after the Loose Women star set up the accounts for the youngsters.

Originally the singer, 43, said he didn’t approve of Junior, 11, and Princess, 9 using it, he wrote in New! magazine, “I don’t like kids having them because I think it opens them up to all sorts of issues, but as a parent you have to compromise with the other parent and try to work together.”

But now Peter has gone one step further and admitted to banning their two children entirely from social media while at Dad’s house. Speaking to OK! magazine, he said, “I don’t let the kids use any social media at my house.”

Pete continued to admit, “I’m strict: it’s just my way. At weekends we all sit around and play games and do things as a family.

“They do have iPads but I limit the amount of time they have on them. I am fun at the weekend and I let them stay up and we eat takeaways, but during the week I’m like: ‘Right, bed early, do your homework,’ and they eat healthily.”

He also admitted that he wouldn’t let his kids have their own phones just yet either. Peter said, “I haven’t let them have their own phones yet, but obviously Junior is getting to the age where he’ll want one,

“I know some will disagree with me but I’m trying to keep Princess and Junior young and innocent while I can. Once they get phones they’ll always have them and the minute they get on social media there’s no going back, so I’m trying to drag it out for as long as I possibly can!”

Katie’s view…

38-year-old Katie originally faced criticism after sharing screen grabs of their children’s new profiles on her Instagram account. Social media users were quick to attack her parenting skills. This is despite the fact that Katie said she would be monitoring both accounts and be setting some ground rules.

Commenting under the picture below, user @melhewittloves questioned why her children needed a social media presence at such a young age.

‘This is purely and simply about child protection. The haters will come. I have no idea why you would choose to do this at their young age. Apart from the link where you advertise their agent. Look at what happened with Harvey. You a child for such a short time and adulthood sometimes isn’t all its made out to be,’ she said.

Now my beautiful Princess has driven me mad for Instagram but I said I'll be vetting lol ❤️❤️

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The snap of Junior’s profile also attracted some less-than-positive comments. User @clarerye questioned why children needed social media profiles at all:

‘Why are kids so keen too be on social media. What happened too riding on bikes and water fights,’ she said.

My gorgeous boy getting excited 🙈😝😂

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User @jstrachan84, had less of an issue with the Instagram accounts themselves, but questioned why they were both public.

‘Nothing wrong with them having Instagram but their accounts should be private not public. There’s too many horrible people in this world that wouldn’t think twice about leaving nasty comments. I am big fan of Katie and she’s a great mum, but they shouldn’t have public accounts, she said.

The official minimum age for Instagram users to set up an account is 13.

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