But some fans are telling critics to 'get a life'

When Katie Price posted a snap on Instagram showing the contents of her fridge after doing a a mammoth weekly shop, we’re guessing she didn’t realise it would cause such a fuss!

Love my weekly shopping

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The mum-of-five captioned her haul of food: “Love my weekly shopping”

But eagled-eyed fans were quick to take umbrage with the way Katie had stocked her fridge, with some dramatically claiming it could lead to her ‘poisoning’ her family.

One warned: “you need to sort the fridge out cheese dairy at the top . Then cooked meats under then raw meat at the bottom .. too much cross contamination”.

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Another said: “check the food standards agency page for info, anyone in the catering industry is taught the basic avoidance food poisoning. If a health inspector were to walk into a premises and see raw meat stacked at the top there would be questions as to the competence of the staff. Guess you’ve never had bad food poisoning?”

A third exclaimed: “Raw meat shouldn’t be kept with cooked meat bottom shelf should be set for raw meat!”

Other fans were quick to jump to Katie’s defence.

Gorgeous kids I have 😘 I'm so lucky ❤️

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One posted: “Oh my, there’s some weird people out there ! Yh maybe meat should be on bottom shelf🙄.. But I highly doubt it will kill anyone… People are very OTT these days , what did people do years ago… How anybody survived I don’t know🤔😆 there’s nothing wrong with that fridge some people live very sad lives!!”

So, whose side are you on?