TV Presenter and author Katie Piper has opened up about a heartbreaking conversation with her three-year-old daughter Belle.

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The 33-year-old shared her sadness as she revealed that Belle is beginning to ask questions about her appearance.

Speaking to The Sun’s Fabulous magazine she said:

“Sometimes she’ll ask if it hurts and I tell her it used to, but not any more. When I go into hospital for operations on my nose she’ll come with me, and she has her own little doctor’s kit.”

But despite this painful reminder of the former model’s 2008 acid attack at the hands of ex-boyfriend Daniel Lynch, Katie revealed that her only child sees the beauty in her scars.

Belle has described the tubes in her mum’s nose – which she wears to stop scar tissue from re-forming – as “so cool”, and that the youngster “thinks they are similar to jewellery”.

Katie said: “There are pictures of me in bandages and with my mask on around the house and we’re very open about things, so it won’t be one big reveal one day.

“She’s aware of everything that’s going on, and we tell her what she wants to know when she asks.”

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She also revealed that while her and husband Richard Sutton don’t actively talk with Belle about the horrifying incident that still continues to have an impact on Katie’s life, they don’t avoid the subject either. And most crucially, the couple don’t speak negatively about Katie’s appearance to instill a positive body image in Belle.

An emotional mother-daughter conversation also recently took place between Katie and her mother Diane. Appearing together on Loose Women last week Diane opened up about the shocking moment she saw her daughter lying in a hospital bed in the aftermath of the attack.

“It was horrific I didn’t even recognise her. We went into shock. We said: “Are you sure this is Katie?”‘

And most distressing was Katie’s response on seeing her loved one enter the room.

“She said “kill me” when she first came round,” Diane revealed.

The mum-of-one described Diane – who is undergoing treatment for cancer after receiving a diagnosis three years ago – as her “best friend” and “mentor”.

In turn, Diane revealed how her brave daughter has continued to support her.

“It’s a role reversal, she looks after me now,” said Diane. “I’ve got more surgery coming up next month, but that’s the nature of cancer it creeps up on you.

“I’ve been lucky and everyone’s really optimistic for my future. We’ve been through this as a family, we’ll get through cancer too.”

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