TV presenter and mum-of-one Katie Piper has opened up about her marriage to hubby Richard. Speaking to Woman’s Own she described the solid foundation her partner have built since marrying in November 2015.

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“It’s really good, he’s my best friend as well as my husband so it’s been a lovely year. I think because we had a baby first, marriage doesn’t feel like a massive change.
“But in my head it feels complete and it’s given me a sense of security.”
The 32-year-old also revealed how Richard has been her rock, supporting her as she continues to undergo surgical procedures following her acid attack eight years ago.
“My husband, Richard, is really good, he drives me to all my surgeries and he stays with me. Unfortunately last year I had a complication where my throat got torn in surgery and I got an air leak into my body and had emphysema. I missed Belle’s first birthday, so that’s a time I just couldn’t feel positive. I was so angry and frustrated that all these years on it’s still affecting such big events in my life. But Richard threw a party for her and he entertained all the mums.
“And then in the evening he brought her to the hospital and she had her cake on the bed with me.”

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The loved-up pair – who have a daughter Belle – may also be planning to expand their brood, potentially welcoming another brother or sister for Belle into their happy home.
“I loved having Belle and I feel complete how we are. But I’ve got a brother and a sister and my sister is my best friend, so I would like Belle to experience that. Never say never…”

And when it comes to spending time together as a couple, Katie revealed that realness rather than romance is the order of the day. Describing their typical date night, she said:

“It involves eating loads of junk in front of the TV. I think it’s because we try to be really healthy, so our way of being a bit naughty is pizza, Dairy Milk and a G&T.”
Such an amazing family!
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