Why Kate’s favourite red suit is a tribute to both Princess Diana and the Queen…

Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, is often praised for being one of the ‘thriftier’ members of the royal family when it comes to getting good use out of the pieces in her wardrobe.

She’s often spotted in the same outfits multiple times over many years. Although the Duchess makes dressing stylishly seem effortless, when it comes to Kate’s ‘public role‘, the Duchess has many royal rules to adhere to.

Princess Diana’s influence

Just like Princess Diana and other high-profile members of the royal family before her, Kate has adapted her style to fit the royal rules, whilst also staying true to her own sense of style and taste.

Eleri Lynn, curator of the ‘Diana: Her Fashion Story‘ explained, “Diana understood the language of fashion and used it to help her do the job at hand.”

Diana sometimes grew frustrated with the restrictions placed upon her wardrobe choices. Hem-lines and sleeves had to be a certain length, necklines always modest. Kate will be under the same rules for her working wardrobe today.

In addition to the modest and smart dress code, Kate has also inherited Diana’s smart approach to fashion.

Eleri also revealed, “the clothes that received a warm reception Diana wore many times”. Kate’s approach is much the same, which is why she’s been seen in one of her favourite outfits, a red Luisa Spagnoli suit, since she first bought it back in 2011.

Kate purchased the elegant ensemble – including the £160 skirt and £335 ‘sushi’ jacket – from Hollie de Keyser in Knightsbridge, Central London. All eyes were on her when she first wore it, and she was repeatedly praised for her stylish choice.

Kate first chose to re-wear the suit in 2014 during her royal tour of New Zealand with Prince William. The sporty Duchess gamely took on her husband at cricket – refusing to let her heels get in the way!

The suit reappeared in December 2015 when she took over from Prince Philip as the patron of the Air Cadets [READ MORE HERE].

Then, most recently, the Duchess donned her favourite suit again in February 2017 for a visit to a primary school in London.

The sentimental suit

The suit also holds a special place in Kate’s heart because when she first wore it in February 2011, Prince William and Kate Middleton returned to the place they met, The University of St.Andrews. The visit was only a couple of months before their wedding and marked a special moment for the couple. Invited to mark the university’s 600th anniversary celebrations, Kate and William also spent a few nights away from the cameras, reflecting on the cherished early days of their relationship.

The Queen’s bright idea

The colour of the striking red suit is also particularly important. Kate’s known to take practical tips for dressing like a royal from none other than the Queen herself [READ MORE HERE]. This chic suit is no exception.

It is widely known that the Queen chooses her outfits specifically to stand out from the crowd. The bright, vibrant colours she has become so associated with are carefully selected so that the Queen can be easily spotted – even whilst she’s high up on the Buckingham Palace balcony!

The idea being, that even people who are standing on tip toe at the back of a crowd hoping to catch a glimpse of the Queen as she comes past, will be able to spot a flash of Her Majesty’s bright coat amongst the many waving hands and flags as she passes by.

The Duchess of Cambridge has adopted this same idea for her official visits. So, when visiting schools or dropping into events especially, you’ll see the Duchess in bright colours!