The British public could give Piers Morgan a run for his money with their hard line of questioning!

Kate Middleton almost let slip the gender of the royal bump yesterday, while on a visit to Grimsby.

With her favourite Hobbs Celeste coat stylishly belted over her five-month pregnant tummy, the Duchess of Cambridge chatted easily to the 2,000 wellwishers.

Bobbie Brown, a 42-year-old shop worker, told the Daily Telegraph, ‘I asked her if the baby had been moving or kicking and she said, “Yes it is, very much so”.’

And Sandra Cook, 67, recalled how Kate almost gave the game away, telling the Daily Mail: ‘The lady next to me gave her a teddy bear and I distinctly heard her say, “Thank you, I will take that for my d….”.’

Careful, Kate!


Was the Duchess about to say, ‘I will take that for my… Duke, dog or daughter? Only time will tell.