Let’s be honest, we’ve probably all bickered with family members about how much, or how little, exercise we’re doing!

There’s always one member of the family who is more into it than others – and another who couldn’t care less about quinoa salads and early morning yoga classes.

So it’s no surprise that super-fit Chloe Madeley has been having tense words with her mother Judy about her own exercise regime!

27-year-old Chloe has worked hard over the years to transform her body. And she’s now well-known as a fitness trainer and coach. Chloe’s enjoyed a slim figure since she was younger, but has recently upped her time at the gym and restricted her diet to only healthy, wholesome foods. And her hard work has resulted in an impressively toned body.

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Judy and Richard Madeley’s daughter also regularly posts fitness updates on her Instagram, showing the hard work she’s put in.

But it seems that despite Chloe’s best efforts, she hasn’t been able to persuade her mother to join her in getting fit.

Chloe revealed she often works out six times a week. But she admits that she’s tried and failed to set Judy up with an exercise regime. However, she has said that dad Richard Madeley is much better at keeping in shape.

It’s usually the mother attempting to stop their child from eating junk food. But Chloe admitted, “I tried to get them to stop eating mounds of white bread and it didn’t go down well at all.”

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Speaking to new! Magazine, Chloe said, “They were like, ‘No! Don’t bring that chat over here. We don’t want to hear it’.”

“So I gave up then. That was years ago.”

She added that her parents are polar opposites when it comes to a healthy lifestyle, saying, “My dad is fit and healthy, goes for walks and watches what he eats. My mum couldn’t give a f**k.”

Let’s hope the mother and daughter pair resolve this dispute sharpish!