Jessie J feels pushed out by her other judges on The VoiceShe’s not usually one to languish in the background so we were surprised to learn that Jessie J is feeling somewhat isolated by her fellow judges on The Voice.

According to reports, the outspoken singer, 25, spent a lot of her time with on last year’s show, but this year, Will has been hanging out more with Danny O’Donoghue. As she rarely spends time with Tom Jones it’s left Jessie without backsage buddies on the BBC talent contest.

A source said: ‘Will and Danny have become buddies, making an “inner circle” without Jessie, and Tom rarely spends time with her. She seems fed up. She spends her time backstage with her entourage.’

The problem is reportedly so bad, that Jessie may decide not come back next year.

The source adds: ‘Jessie’s saying she might not be able to take another series if she carries on feeling like this.’

Come on boys, don’t be mean!

The Voice returns to BBC 1 this Friday at 7pm.