The striking difference between Jenna Coleman and her character Victoria ended up costing the show creators ‘a lot of money’.


It took more than fantastic period costumes and Queen Victoria’s diaries to turn actress Jenna in to the former queen of Great Britain and Ireland in the 1800s.

Television producer Damien Timmer admitted that he had to spend ‘a lot of money’ turning Jenna Coleman into Queen Victoria. The main reason? The fact he had to get coloured contact lenses for Jenna to wear!

Jenna Coleman as Victoria

However, despite the producer’s best efforts with the blue contact lenses, there were a few issues. “Despite everyone’s best efforts in post-production, the contact lenses were really obvious and strange,” Timmer admitted. “You could see these big plastic rims around her eyes” he confessed.

Usually brown-eyed actress Jenna not only needed to have her eyes turned blue with the lenses but also through editing after filming wrapped so that she would have Queen Victoria’s famously blue eyes in the ITV series.


Timmer revealed that the striking transformation of Jenna Coleman’s eyes for the role ended up costing the creators ‘a lot of money’.

Viewers have previously complained that Jenna Coleman, 30, is too good looking and slender to play Queen Victoria. However the actress hit back. Jenna stated that she’s, “not too pretty to play Queen Victoria” as the royal had austere but good looks.

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